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Vintage Air Standard Series Louvers

49066-VUL 900 Angle flow louvers.
3.88” x 1.57”w/chrome trim.
49366-VUL 900 Angle w/black trim.
49052-VUL 5.25” x 2.5”
For 2.5” hose.
49352-VUL (All black)
49057-VUL 4.75” x 1.562”
for 2.5” hose.
49325-VUL (All black)
49067-VUL 900 Angle flow louvers.
4.75” x 1.57” w/chrome trim
49367-VUL 900 Angle w/black trim
49327-VUL 3.875” x 2”
For 2.5” hose. (All black)

49056-VUL 3.875” x 1.562” for 2.5” hose.
49356-VUL (All black)
49156-VUL 3.875” x 1.562” for 2” hose.
49326-VUL (All black)

Underdash For 2.5” hose.
Underdash (All black)
Underdash (All chrome)
Underdash louver pod only
(Fits all 2.875” Louvers)
49053-VUL Thru-dash mount.
2.875” Dia. For 2.5” hose.
49353-VUL Thru-dash mount (All black)
49153-VUL Thru-dash mount (All chrome)
49049-VUL Thru-dash mount. For 3” hose
490500 Through Kick
Panel Louver Pod.
Louver mounts through
the backside of kick panel.
Includes 49053-VUL Louver
and installation template.
(Sold individually)
499194 Adjustable Double Vane Louver.
Chrome bezel thru-dash mount.
2.706” diameter.
499193 Adjustable Double Vane Louver.
Black bezel thru-dash mount.
2.706” diameter.
Note: Louver Open, Close & Rotate 3600
490535 Double vane
louver chrome. For 2.5” hose.
499195 SlimLine Adjustable
Double Vane Louver.
Thru-dash mount. 3” diameter
(requires 2 5/8” Hole size)
Note: Louver Open, Close & Rotate 360°


We can also also supply and install all your radiator, electric cooling fan and shroud needs.

We offer a wide range of components and kits.

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