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Intergrated Systems


Braided Stainless Steel Aeroquip Lines & Fittings We are pleased to now offer genuine Aeroquip Ale hose and filtings. We will stock #6, #8, and #10 hose in bulk and the fittings will be sold individually as specified by your customers installation. We think this product is the best quality products for pro-style flexible line routing.
- Designed specifically for AIC applications
- Nylon tube covered with fine braid stainless steel
- Nickel plated reusable steel fittings
- Charge ports available on fittings
- Female O-ring pilot terminal ends for precise connection with existing AIC components.
- O-ring seal between the hose and fitting nipple increases fitting and hose assembly integrity

Hose #6 Hose #8 Hose #10 Hose
A/C Hose 36906-VUR 36908-VUR 36910-VUR
Fittings #6 Hose #8 Hose #10 Hose
Hose to Hose
Service Port
36445-VUR 36547-VUR 36647-VUR
Straight 36440-VUR 3654D-VUR 36640-VUR
Service Port
36443-VUR 36544-VUR 36644-VUR
45 Degree 36441-VUR 36541-VUR 36641-VUR
90 Degree 36442-VUR 36542-VUR 36642-VUR
90 Degree wi 1348 Service Port 36444-VUR 36545-VUR 36645-VUR
135 Degree NjA 36543-VUR 36643-VUR
135 Degree
Service Port
NjA 36544-VUR 36646-VUR
Brass Ferules
(One time use )
36006-VUR 36DDB-VUR 3661D-VUR

We can also also supply and install all your radiator, electric cooling fan and shroud needs.

We offer a wide range of components and kits.

We can install all the systems and components that we sell.
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