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Vintage Air


Chrome Drier
Features a built in mounting bracket and compact size. 2.5”x 6”

07310-VUQ Chrome drier with bracket.

01311-VUQ Replacement chrome drier without bracket


Chrome Drier
With Safety Switch Includes chrome mounting bracket. 2.5”x 6” No adapter needed.

07308-VUQ Chrome drier with binary switch.

07309-VUQ Chrome drier with trinary switch.


Polished Aluminum Drier
Features a unique design which allows changing the drier without removing any fittings. 2.5”x 7” (Inlet on left side)

07330-VUQ Polished drier

07331-VUQ Replacement drier


Standard Drier
Economy choice painted black. 2.5”x 6”

07113-VUB Drier clamps

18103-VUG Adapter required to install trinary or binary switch.

Threaded port for trinary or binary switch installation. Comes sealed and pre-charged with nitrogen.


Standard Drier With Safety Switch
Painted black. 2.5”x 6” No adapter needed.

07322-VUC Painted drier with binary switch and mounting hardware.

07323-VUC Painted drier with trinary switch and mounting hardware.

07113-VUB Drier clamps 11079-VUS Replacement male thread binary switch with o-ring.

11086-VUS Replacement trinary switch with o-ring.


Proline Horizontal Drier
Machined aluminum drier is completely rebuildable. Just replace the drier element.
2.5” x 6.875”

07315-VUQ Horizontal drier-Aluminum

07317-VUQ Horizontal drier-Black

07321-VUQ Replacement element




We can also also supply and install all your radiator, electric cooling fan and shroud needs.

We offer a wide range of components and kits.

We can install all the systems and components that we sell.
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