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Defrost Ducts


63380-VCE Compact universal defrost ducts. (Pair) 6.5” x 2.5”
633810-VUA Direct flow defrost ducts. For 2” hose. (Pair) 6.25” x 2”
63375-VUE Universal defrost ducts. (Pair) 6.5”x 3.25”
63100-VUQ Machined aluminum defrost duct trim. (Pair) 6.5” x 0.625”
49111-VUI ‘40 Ford shallow glove box. ABS plastic. 2.25” deep.
49040-VUL ‘40 Ford ashtray louvers. Pair for 2.5” duct hose.
06200-VUE 2” Duct hose.
06250-VUE 2.5” Duct hose.
06300-VUE 3” Duct hose.
62415-VUE 2” to 2.5” hose adapter.
49870-VCI 2.5” to 3” hose adapter.
62419-VUE 2 ” glue-on hose adapter.
49592-VUI 2.5” Y connector.

We can also also supply and install all your radiator, electric cooling fan and shroud needs.

We offer a wide range of components and kits.

We can install all the systems and components that we sell.
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