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Control Panels

Base Model 4-Lever Gen-II Controls

The Gen-II delivers true OEM style louver air temperature regulation and bilevel operation* of a/c and heat modes.This standard panel operates our exclusive servo actuated heater valve which allows the introduction of small amounts of heat to regulate air temperature. Simple plug-in connections, no vacuum lines, and fewer wires to route. Slightly larger face allows you to upgrade from existing vacuum system Proline Panel installations.

49110-SHQ 4 Lever Fingertip Panel
4.63” wide x 2.44” tall. Internally lighted.
49110-SVQ 4 Lever vertical Fingertip Panel
2.44” wide x 4.63” tall. Internally lighted.

Base Model Rotary Knob Gen-II Controls

The same control functions as our well know slider panels but these use rotary knobs to control all functions. Thes control switches can be used directly in your dash without the pods for a true custom look.

49200- RHA Gen-II 4 Knob Underdash Pod
(For Gen-II systems with servo heater valve).
49205-RHA Gen-II 4 Knob Under dash pod w/louver
(For Gen-II systems with servo heater valve) Optional.

Upgrade Gen-IITM Panels

Gen-II Machined Face Panels
Aluminum slide control panels put just right temperatures at your fingertips. Available in horizontal or vertical design. Internally lighted.

48103-SHQ 4 Lever Machined Horizontal
Panel 4.69” wide x 2.5” tall.
48102-SVQ 4 Lever Vertical Machined
Panel. 2.5” wide x 4.69” tall.

Gen-II StreamlineTM Oval Panel
This Gen-II control panel features same styling and dimensions as original Vintage Air design! Engraved and polished panel face.Internally lighted polished aluminum knobs.

48104-RHQ StreamlineTM Gen-II Pro
LIne Panel. 5.5” wide x 2.5” tall.
481005 StreamlineTM black anodized Gen-II
Pro Line Panel. 5.5” wide x 2.5” tall.

4 Knob Gen-II StreamlineTM Panels

Our latest Streamline design fits in very compact dash or console positions.
Controls all functions of any Gen-II system. Engraved aluminum panel is available in fully polished or black anodized finish.Knobs are internally lighted with a soft glow.

491200-RUA 4 Knob Streamline Panel
Polished Face and Knobs.
5.318” wide x 1” tall.
491229 4 Knob Streamline Panel
Black Anodized Face and Knobs.
5.318” wide x 1” tall.

Upgrade Gen-IVTM Panels

3 Knob Gen-IV StreamlineTM Panel The new all- electronic Gen-IV systems use one of these super compact 3 knob control panels. Featuring engraved mode icons and your choice of polished or black anodized finish. Internal soft-lighted aluminum knobs.

491214-RVA 1.25” wide x 4.125”tall.
Polished Face and Knobs - Vertical
491226-RVA 1.25” wide x 4.125”tall.
Anodized Face and Knobs - Vertical
491210-RUA 4.125” wide x 1.25” tall.
Polished Face and Knobs - Horizontal
491223-RUA 4.125” wide x 1.25” tall.
Anodized Face and Knobs - Horizontal


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