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1969-70 Ford Mustang Gen IV SureFit System

- Fully electronic operation - No cables or vacuum controls
- Kit includes Cable Converter Slide Potentiometers to convert stock controls to electronic operation- Micro-processor controlled coil temperature monitor.No capillary tube to install!
- Separate high capacity heat and cool coils
- Aluminum plate/fin A/C coil (most efficient evaporator design available)
- Copper/brass parallel flow heater coil
- Blend air door for instant temperature adjustment
- Infinite dash / floor air blend (in most applications)
- Infinite defrost / floor air blend with dedicated defrost option
-Stamped steel firewall cover plate
-All Gen IV systems allow for optional smooth firewall configuration (must use modified hose kit)
- Positive shut off solenoid operated heater control valve in max A/C

554170 1969-70 Evaporator Kit (Factory Air Car)
551170 1969-70 Evaporator Kit (Non-Factory Air Car)
954170 1969-70 Complete Kit (Factory Air Car)
951170 1969-70 Complete Kit (Non-factory Air Car)

*Complete Kit includes: Evaporator, condenser, drier, compressor, compressor bracket, hose kit and binary safety switch.

Evaporator Kits List Price: $750.00 US
Complete Kits List Price: $1299.00 US

Note: Price Subject to change without notice

6970 6970

1969-70 Ford Mustang (Non-Factory Air) Installation

We can also also supply and install all your radiator, electric cooling fan and shroud needs.

We offer a wide range of components and kits.

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